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PURE. CONSISTENT, AFFORDABLE. Every business decision is made with our customers in mind. We have invested extensively into our cultivation facilities to ensure we can reliably deliver cannabis free of contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides. We are constantly evaluating processes to ensure maximum efficiency to keep end-user costs low. Our customers have come to rely on us for quality cannabis and cannabis products that fit a range of budgets. We strive to provide exceptional budget friendly cannabis for everyday users as well as top-rate boutique products for connoisseurs. Whatever you are looking for… you can find it at Pure.


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Concentrates are made by putting cannabis flower (or trim) through an extraction process that separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. The end result is a product that has all the good stuff without the excess plant material. Concentrates come in many forms including shatter, sugar, wax, diamonds or as oil in a vaporizer cartridge. All the concentrates available at Pure are tested for residual solvents, potency and contaminants. SEE MORE > 


No we’re not talking about the weed brownies your college roommate used to make. Ya know… the ones with chunks of weed sticking out of them and no idea if you’d pass out after eating just one bite or if it would take the whole pan to feel an effect? No siree. The edibles available today are sophisticated, lab tested, culinary concoctions created to meet every dietary and dosage need. SEE MORE > 


Topicals, such as salves and lotions, are a great option when you need relief without a head change. Topicals can provide localized relief from joint/muscle aches or skin irritations, but are not absorbed into the bloodstream. This gives you the relief you need without the euphoric feeling experienced when smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis. IMPORTANT note: some topicals are also transdermal. SEE MORE > 


Sometimes you gotta go to go back to your roots. We offer a wide selection of flower for those looking for the pure, simple and familiar cannabis experience. Be sure to check out our affordable SUN FLOWER: organic flower cultivated outdoors under the Colorado sun on our farm in Fremont County. SEE MORE

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Purely The Best

If you haven’t gotten over to Pure you need to get there! The staff is always more than friendly and willing to answer any questions I have. You must see the BUDS!! I won’t go anywhere else.I always love getting my rewards mmm a yummy quad dose truffle is such a TREAT if you know what I mean. Happy Puffin

Great Prices & Service!

Some of the best prices in town, plus a Super Friendly Staff!

- tntzule
Great dispensary!

They have a great selection, with the kindest employees! Super happy to have found this place and will definitely be back

- CandiW

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