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PURE. CONSISTENT, AFFORDABLE. Every decision we make at Pure is centered around our valued customers. We’ve made substantial investments in our cutting-edge cultivation facilities to guarantee the consistent delivery of cannabis products that are entirely free from contaminants, heavy metals, and pesticides. Our ongoing commitment to operational efficiency helps us keep the costs low for our customers. At Pure, we take pride in offering an extensive array of cannabis and cannabis products that cater to a diverse range of budgets. Whether you’re an everyday user or a cannabis connoisseur, you’ll discover precisely what you’re looking for in our top-quality selections. Pure: Where exceptional cannabis meets your unique needs.



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Concentrates are meticulously crafted through a precise extraction process, effectively isolating the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis flower or trim, leaving behind unnecessary plant material. This meticulous extraction process yields a final product rich in desirable components. Concentrates manifest in diverse forms such as shatter, sugar, wax, diamonds, or as oil neatly packed in vaporizer cartridges. At Pure, we prioritize quality assurance, subjecting all our concentrates to rigorous testing for residual solvents, potency, and contaminants to ensure the utmost safety and potency for our customers.  SEE MORE > 


We’re not talking about the weed brownies your college roommate used to whip up—those were a real mystery, with chunks of weed protruding and uncertainty about whether a single bite would knock you out or if you needed to devour the entire pan. Not anymore. Today’s edibles are a far cry from those days, representing refined, lab-tested, and culinary expertise. They cater to diverse dietary preferences and offer precise dosing options to suit individual needs. SEE MORE > 


Topicals, such as salves and lotions, offer an excellent solution for those seeking relief without altering their mental state. These products are highly effective for providing localized relief from joint/muscle aches or skin irritations, as they remain on the skin’s surface without entering the bloodstream. This means you can enjoy relief without the euphoric effects associated with smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis.

It’s essential to note that some topicals are also transdermal, meaning they can penetrate the skin barrier and potentially lead to systemic absorption into the bloodstream. When using transdermal products containing THC, it’s important to be aware that they might induce a change in your mental state.

At Pure, our knowledgeable budtenders are here to guide you through your choices, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the product you’re selecting. Rest assured, there will be no unexpected surprises when you shop with us. SEE MORE > 


Sometimes you gotta go to go back to your roots. We offer a wide selection of flower for those looking for the pure, simple and familiar cannabis experience. Don’t miss the chance to explore our affordable SUN FLOWER collection, featuring cannabis cultivated outdoors under the Colorado sun on our farm in Fremont County. SEE MORE

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Purely The Best

If you haven’t gotten over to Pure you need to get there! The staff is always more than friendly and willing to answer any questions I have. You must see the BUDS!! I won’t go anywhere else.I always love getting my rewards mmm a yummy quad dose truffle is such a TREAT if you know what I mean. Happy Puffin

Great Prices & Service!

Some of the best prices in town, plus a Super Friendly Staff!

- tntzule
Great dispensary!

They have a great selection, with the kindest employees! Super happy to have found this place and will definitely be back

- CandiW

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